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Dear Members and Admirers of the Bear Community,

Get ready! There’s tons to do from the moment you arrive at "AUGTOBEARFEST," from hot theme parties to a cool splash in the pool. Dive in – it’s your weekend to find you a bear!

From cruising the Maze to exploring the Pig Pen, laying by the pool or just chilling, there’s plenty to do during the day. Save some energy for later, though.

Don't forget the creature theme!! There will be creatures featured throughout the weekend!! Prizes if you decorate your door and window!!

"AUGTOBEARFEST" event offers plenty in the way of things to do including Friday and Saturday meals, sponsored cocktail parties, fun and games, lounging, swimming, and loads of fun! Whatever your thing, you’ll find it at the Parliament Resort!

Catch your own bear at AUGTOBEARFEST. On behalf of the Bears Fur All Planning Team and the Carolina Bear Lodge Board of Directors, I call for all bears and their admirers to gather for our newest Carolina Bear Lodge event.

The Parliament Resort’s welcoming, friendly staff is ready for our return August 13-16, 2020.

Your run package will include:

>>>> Pizza Meet-N-Greet Registration on Thursday

>>>> Access to all AUGTOBEARFEST activities & Gaymes

>>>> Cocktails, Adult Snow Cones & Jello shots by the pool,

           Friday and Saturday afternoons

>>>> Friday Picnic & Dinner on Saturday

>>>> and hours of fun with all the HOT BEARS, CUBS,

           OTTERS, etc.

Please review our fantastic roster of events, accommodations and services on this website. CBL is working hard to plan another spectacular adventure.

Tell your friends to come prepared and be ready to explore a whole new world in Augusta, GA during Bears Fur All.

Bears Fur All Planning Team

History of bear hunt

Carolina Bear Lodge’s Bear Hunt began as a simple camping trip on Hunting Island, S.C., in 2001. The second event was so successful that organizers decided a camping format could not sustain the large numbers of attendees who were interested in returning each year. So the event was moved to a small hotel in Myrtle Beach S.C., with the initial theme of a Hawaiian Luau.

Following years, Bear Hunt went though many transformations to make the event bigger and better. Each event featured unique themes: "The Search for the Big Kahuna," "Return of the Big Kahuna," "Surrender the Booty," "Malestrom" (Viking theme), "Furs and Spurs" (Cowboy theme) and "Bear Trek." The 2011 smash hit “The Homecoming: Be All You Can Bear” was a military theme with nod towards local gay history and the war effort in Horry County, S.C., and the 2012 theme was “Crusades: All Bears United Under One Flag.” Both of these events were at a new venue for Bear Hunt, “The Carolinian” Best Western Plus Beach Resort.

Bear Hunt XIII “Pirates of the Bearibbean: The Search for Bear Booty,” Bear Hunt XVI “Bears Back to the 80s,” Bear Hunt XV “Super Bears & Wonder Cubs,” Bear Hunt XVI: “Bears on the Bayou,” Bear Hunt XVII “Jungle Jam: Bears on Safari,” and Bear Hunt XVIII “Truck Stop: Bears on Convoy” Bear Hunt XIX: “The 4 Bears of Mount Olympus” were all held at the Ocean Park Resort. Bear Hunt XX: "The Bear-veley Hillbillies" will also be at the Ocean Park Resort.

Carolina Bear Lodge in Review

The Carolina Bear Lodge (CBL) was founded in February 1994 in Charlotte, N.C., by a group of six hairy and masculine guys who decided they didn’t fit into the stereotype of a “normal” gay man. In forming CBL, they wanted to give this new bear community a place to call their own and a means to socialize in an accepting environment. CBL prides itself on giving all the opportunity for fellowship and to serve in leadership roles as members of an organized group.

Membership was primarily from those living in North and South Carolina, but now members from a number of other states are represented. From the beginning, CBL sought to unify the bear community spiritually and geographically. We believe we are a unique example of cooperation and sustainability for a movement that remains relevant and is still expanding today.

CBL has been fortunate to have many forward-thinking leaders since its inception; these volunteers have worked diligently to provide fun, sexy and safe events for the lodge’s members and friends.

One of the lodge’s longest-running gatherings happens annually – CBLs Anniversary Event which is held every February.

Another fun, free event for CBL members is Daddy Bear Luau Picnic, held in June/July. For the past few years, two board members have hosted the event at their home. Besides fun around the pool, the event features a luncheon and a “Top Chef Bear” cooking contest.

The CBL annual Christmas Party concludes the calendar year of activities. The party is hosted by a board member in a different location in North or South Carolina. Watch the for email blasts for more information.

CBL is dedicated to being a vibrant, progressive and responsive organization for its members; feel free to offer feedback and suggestions. Also, members can submit proposals for new events.

Resort Map


August 13th thru 16th

Registration gets you a 

AUGTOBEARFEST Event Pass (wrist Band)

$35.00 per person and $30 for CBL Members

Room Rates are subject to change.


1250 Gordon Highway • Augusta, GA 30901 • Ph: (706) 722-1155

Rates are good for up to 2 people/room.

$25 Additional fee for 3rd or 4th person per night.

Does not include tax & Key Deposit

A Two Night Stay is required for this event.

2 Queen or 1 King - Pool Area
includes DVD player (2 people max.)
39.00 79.00 79.00 49.00
2 Queen Downstairs w/microwave & fridge (4 people max.) 39.00 89.00 89.00 59.00
2 Queen - upstairs, 2-story bldg (4 people max.) 39.00 89.00 89.00 59.00
2 Queen - Upstairs, 2-story bldg
(4 people max.)
39.00 79.00 79.00 49.00
1 Queen - Individual AC
(2 people max.)
39.00 79.00 79.00 49.00
1 Queen - Central Air
(2 people max.)
39.00 69.00 69.00


Executive Inn

1238 Gordon Highway • Augusta, GA 30901 • Ph: (706) 722-1155

(Two night stay required) - Day Pass for Entry to Parliament Is included. All Executive Inn Rooms have refridgerator and microwave oven.

Leather/Bear Club Event Participation Requires the Event Pass Purchase.

The Executive Inn is fun new exciting venue open to ALL (gay, lesbian, and straight-friendly).

Check-in and reservations are available at our consolidated front desk at the Parliament Resort section of Metropolis Complex. We offer a variety of room choices including:• one King bed,• two Double beds; and• even a selection of Jacuzzi rooms.

The Executive is home to the Capri Lounge piano bar where you can get your favorite top shelf cocktail and hang out with friends. It’s also only a short three minute walk to Edge Nightclub with the hottest dance mix and light show in town. So you can drink, dance, party and walk back to your room and no need to drive!

Of course all rooms have private bath and air conditioning/heat, and cable TV. Complimentary ice and WiFi are available and a new salt water pool!

Credit Card required for check-in.










King or 2 Queens 39.00 59.00 59.00 49.00
King or 2 Queens w/Jacuzzi 39.00 59.00 59.00 49.00


Cancellations Must Be Made At Least 14 Days Prior To Your Arrival Date.

Additionally, a valid major credit card and photo identification are required at check-in.

Weekly Rates Are available and vary upon room.



Bear Fur All Sponsors

CSRA Leather Bears

Flex Club

Frito Lay

Beau &

Parliament Resort

Spunk Lube

Unlimited Bear & Cub

Bulldog Leather

    2020 Registration Prices

    CBL Member $30
    Guest $35

    What's Included..

    • Access to all AUGTOBEARFEST activities including parties, contests, and side events.
    • Meals on Friday and Saturday.
    • Event Sponsored cocktail parties
    • Hours of fun with all the hot bears!

    By registering online, I certify that I agree to the following statement: I do hereby certify that I am at least twenty-one (21) years of age. Additionally, I do hereby release and forever discharge the AUGTOBEARFEST committee, the Carolina Bear Lodge Board of Directors, officers and members, heirs and successors, executors and administrators, hereafter listed as CBL, from any and all claims of any kind or nature whatsoever, either in law or equity, arising from my attendance or participation in any activities during AUGTOBEARFEST 2020 in Augusta, GA, including any official or unofficial activities either onsite or offsite. Also, I do forever release and discharge CBL from any criminal or civil action which I may have a right to bring as a result of my participation in or attendance at AUGTOBEARFEST 2020. 

    I will abide by all CBL, resort, local, state, and federal laws, ordinances, rules and regulations. This includes but is not limited to: disorderly conduct or use of illegal drugs on resort property. I understand that failure to do so may result in expulsion from the event and premises, and forfeiture of all fees and costs associated with my attendance.

    Carolina Bear Lodge cannot control what photos are taken and where they are posted and I understand that it is my personal responsibility to inform any photographers if I do not wish my picture taken. If you do see a photo on the website you can email to have it removed at any time.

    When registering if you take advantage of CBL member pricing, you must remain a member during the year the event is actually held, or pay the difference in package pricing if you fail to renew.

    Our contract with the host resort does not require that all persons on resort property be registered AUGTOBEARFEST attendees. Those not registered with AUGTOBEARFEST may not be able to participate in certain events or meals..

    By clicking the button below and continuing with the event registration you are thereby electronically agreeing to the 2020 registration agreement.

    2020 Schedule

     Thursday, September 24th
     4-7 pm   Happy Hour At Capri Lounge, 2 For 1 Drinks Until 7pm
     6 pm   Meet & Greet ::: Registration At Capri Lounge ::: Pizza Party!!!
     9 pm   Door Opens @ Edge Nightclub
     10 pm   Pig Pen Opens @ Parliament Resort
     Friday, September 25th  
       8-10 am   The Poolside Cafe Breakfast Service
       9 am    Mimosas & Bloody Marys ::: Sponsored by
       12 pm   Cocktails by the Pool *** Vibrator Races!!
       2 pm   Cocktails (sponsor) *** Augtobearfest Picnic ::: Burgers & Hot Dogs
       4 pm   Happy Hour @ Capri Lounge 2 for 1 drinks until 7 pm
       5 pm     Bingo at the Poolside Cafe Dec
       9 pm   Doors Open @ Edge Nightclub
      11 pm   Pig Pen Opens @ Parliament Resort
      12 am   Midnight Pool Movie: TBD :: But it will be Awesome!!!! Popcorn too!!!
       Saturday, April 26th  
       All Day   The Poolside Cafe Breakfast Service
       9 am    Mimosas & Bloody Marys ::: Sponsored by
       12:30 pm   Adult Snow Cones by the Pool *** Pecker Pick-Up Game
       1 pm    Jello Shots and Naked Human Battleship!!!!
       3 pm   Late Lunch ::: Grilled Chicken/Pork Chops and sides :: More Vibrator Races!!
       4 pm   Happy Hour @ Capri Lounge 2 for 1 drinks until 7 pm
       7 pm     Raffle Announcements!!! Be Present to WIN!!!
       9 pm   Doors Open @ Edge Nightclub
      11 pm   Pig Pen Opens @ Parliament Resort
      12 am   Midnight Pool Movie: TBD :: But it will be Awesome!!!! Popcorn too!!!
      Sunday,April 27th  
      8-10 am   The Poolside Cafe Breakfast Service
      9 am   Mimosas & Bloody Marys ::: CBL Bear Hunt

    This is a good spot to look for topics you are interested in.


    Twitter :: @CBLBears

    Instagram :: @carolinabears

    PO Box 61794

    Durham, NC 27715

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