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Dear Bear Hunt Attendees and CBL Members

It is with great disappointment that the Bear Hunt planning committee and CBL Board of Directors must announce that Bear Hunt XXI is canceled. While the availability of a Covid vaccination is promising, there are many unknowns. With current restrictions we wouldn't be able to have the event in the way that we've all known and loved for so long, and we can only guess at what restrictions and ordinances might be in place in April.

Unfortunately, we don't have the option to wait until the event date gets closer to make this decision. Since our last Bear Hunt, Wyndham rentals (managed Oceana Resort) was bought by Vacasa, and their system transition will be effective 1/6/20. That means we have to make a decision about the event and opt for a 2022 contract by 1/4/21. Your safety and the integrity of the event is too important to risk so we are making this difficult and incredibly disappointing decision.

For those who rolled over their room deposit to 2021, Vacasa will again forward your deposit to 2022 or credit your deposit to a stay of your choice. Those who bought the vacation protection package when they made their reservation have the option of getting a refund of their room deposit. Many of you opted to forward your event fee to 2021. If you would like to forward again to 2022 or if you would like a refund of your event fee please let us know.

Please know that we value you and all the joy and camaraderie that you've brought to Bear Hunt. We will be planning 2022 and look forward to hearing from you and hopefully seeing you soon. All the best to you for a safe and Happy 2021.

Bear Hunt Planning Committee


Welcome to Carolina Bear Lodge! Where you can join a great group of guys and have a grrreat time! Carolina Bear Lodge was formed in 1994 by a group of guys who didn't fit into the typical gay roster. The Carolina Bear Lodge had its first meeting in Charlotte, NC. Membership is open to anyone who is hirsute/bearish or who simply admires them. There are no physical characteristics required for any type of membership. CBL was formed to give members of the bear community a social outlet to call their own and a means to meet like minded men in an accepting environment.

“I know what it is like to be called a n#4^r and I know what it is like to be called a f#4^@t. I can tell you the difference in one word – none.”

There is undeniable truth to the quote, but it is not the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It does a great disservice to sharing the Black experience in America. It significantly diminishes the trauma and oppression Black people have endured from slavery to the terror of white supremacists/KKK to Jim Crow to present-day mass incarceration, police brutality and across the board disparities on every quality-of-life measurement. This also holds true for issues of great concern to the LGBTQ+ community as well.

All people of goodwill in America need to commit to engaging in a movement to fulfill the promise of America — a perfect union with liberty and justice for Blacks. That is when we will truly know all lives matter.

Excerpt from LGBTQ News

We all have a responsibility to be good citizens in our communities. 

I am generally proud of our membership, and would like to remain so in times of stress and uncertainty like this. One of the things that the board really emphasized on throughout this pandemic was public safety - we didn't want to let the world see groups of bears going out to events, not performing best practices to keep everyone safe. Be responsible for yourself, but also for all of us - so in the future we can enjoy the camaraderie of our members safely together again soon.

There’s already entirely too much animosity towards social aspect of our events, and anything we can do to help stop the stigma will only pay back in dividends. There are also a LOT of people who are desperate for things to get back to normal. We are human beings and touch is an important thing. I'm certain there are many of us who miss the hugs and kisses associated with welcoming friends, myself included.

We will begin to slowly and cautiously introduce our upcoming events, which will include strategies for safety. Hoping to follow the guidelines of the healthcare community and to lead by example. Now, it’s your time to shine and do just that - for yourself, for those you care about, and for the sake of our LGBTQ community.

Be safe, Be well.

Javier - Webmaster

Something For Everyone

It seems everywhere nowadays is running bear nights, and that’s awesome! But here is a list of places where a bear could go and feel at home every hour of the week, not just on a special night held once a month.

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Not Just From The Carolinas

CBL is a group of awesome gay men of the Carolinas (but actually from all over!!)  who have a mutual interest in bear-like men. We subscribe to what it is to be a bear.

We have pride in being gay and understand the tenuousness of life and the desire to live it fully and richly.  We contribute positively to the bear brotherhood and the greater community-at-large. The purposes of the Club are to provide social connection and activities for our members and friends, and to serve the community through contribution, support, and education.

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 Top story!

MY partner and I would like to thank all that were involved in this year’s Bear Hunt. The committee did an outstanding job and we definitely look forward to another awesome bear hunt next year!!

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Be creative

Events are the building blocks of the Carolina Bear Lodge. Each event consists of one or more ideas brought to life from a members mind. When you feel an idea coming on, feel free to drop us a message and let us know. Your event idea might be our next signature event!!

Not every idea will be chosen, there are several variables that go into producing them. But you never know!!

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Though CBL is committed to keeping most of our events open to the entire Bear Community, we encourage those who might want to join our ranks by becoming members. Membership information is online and available at any CBL event. Any current member can help you get started.

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Active communication is very important to us. We need you to make a difference. 

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Celebrating Members 2019/2020

Daryl C.

Mr. Bear Hunt


Please welcome Daryl Cates 

the winner of Mr. Bear Hunt 2019! Daryl originally hails from South Carolina. He is an award winning Florist.

Javier O.

James Martin Lifetime Membership & Billy Wolfe Leadership Award

given to a club member who contributed greatly to the Carolina Bear Lodge and to the Bear community of the Carolinas over an extended period of time. 

Robert J.

Billy Wolfe

Leadership Award

given to a club member who has demonstrated outstanding leadership for the Carolina Bear Lodge during the current year.

social profiles

The new breed of social networks use your mobile device. Those will not allow x-rated profile photos so they can be accepted in the App store. The key benefit of such apps and networks is the local aspect. Examples for such mobile Apps for Bears, masculine butch men are:

Believe it or not, males are biologically wired, from birth, to be more emotionally reactive and expressive than females. For example, baby boys become distressed more easily, and cry sooner and more often than baby girls.

Boys also learn, without even having to think about it, that they should be ashamed of such feelings, even that they should hate themselves for having them.

The abilities to be aware of vulnerable emotions, express them to others, and accept them as part of being alive, are human capacities. Every boy and girl is born with the potential to develop them.

This is a good spot to look for topics you are interested in.


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