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Carolina Bear Lodge

Its A Great Time!!!

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  • Mon, June 29, 2020 1:45 PM | Javier Oseguera (Administrator)

    The coronavirus has devastated economies around the world and disrupted life in ways that were unimaginable just a few months ago. The world will never be the same. But at some point, industries will start coming back online and the community will start going out again.

    We have checked with public health and industry experts for answers on what the world will look like when the Covid-19 pandemic finally recedes. When might we be able to attend big events with crowds, like Bear Hunt or Augtobearfest again?

    Well, It is said that large gatherings should come back slowly. Adhering to safety precautions and new social protocols.

    CBL will take CDC safety standards seriously. They’re going to put forth the effort to make our events great! We know there are a lot of people close together at these events, so we will make social distancing possible, temperature checking required and wearing masks easy. We will also have a healthcare professional available onsite for any questions or issues.

  • Sat, December 07, 2019 5:44 PM | Aaron Lucier

    Events and an organization, takes volunteers to occurs. Volunteers are lead by our board. The board provides leadership, oversight, and ideas for the operation of the organization. Our 2019 board and our new 2020 board met today before the Bear Lodge Christmas party tonight. 

    Keep an eye out for how YOU can become involved in volunteering or even leadership with the lodge. 

  • Sun, October 20, 2019 8:33 AM | Javier Oseguera (Administrator)

    Ok I have a moment now to talk about my trip to the Carolina Bear Lodge - Bear Hunt, event.... First, a shout out to our hubby Buddy who made the vacation possible by coming the last day of the event - he stayed home the early part of the week to care of the fur babies. Another to our hubby Robert who worked his butt off to make it look amazing and make us feel secure!! Whether I was relaxing in the sun ( mostly running around, lol) or enjoying the events of the day, I had a BLAST! I have been several times but the atmosphere this time really helped me see some people passed the smiles. I had the chance to really meet some of the most amazing people you could imagine and although the weather at times was uncooperative, it was the people that kept everything simply beaming.

    I know this was the start of many friendships that will more than likely last a lifetime. There are too many names to mention here but everyone I spoke to left an impression on me. There were truly some beautiful people that attended inside and out - Hugs to you guys!! You know who you are!!! Woof!!! This was definitely FOR ME one of the most memorable bear hunts ever! I can't wait till next year!!! Everyone I came across was absolutely amazing and I just wanted to thank YOU ALL in this note for making me feel included, accepted and a part of something awesome! Muah!!!

  • Wed, March 11, 2015 7:36 AM | Javier Oseguera (Administrator)

    Speaking of CBL, we try to design our events as diverse, fun and inclusive.  CBL consistently sees bear event flyers and ads that seem to promote the same race, it makes you think that bears really aren’t diverse.  It echoes the same for a lot of the apps out there. I just don’t believe it -  this community is my home. I have never felt like an outcast as a member of CBL. CBL welcomes all men.

  • Wed, March 11, 2015 6:37 AM | Javier Oseguera (Administrator)

    The gay community is ultimately a heterogeneous one with many subgroups and subcultures—one of the commonalities among them being the desire to have same-sex encounters. One such subculture is comprised of gay and bisexual men who identify as Bears. Bears self-present as having the “correct attitude” towards their “naturally developing/aging” male bodies. They consider “real” masculinity to include having comfort with other men’s bodies and eschew the more normative gay male body-model. They favor instead a body-model that may be predetermined by genetics, age, or heteronormative masculine beliefs (i.e., men should weigh more and be hairier). There are many different subdivisions within the Bear community. Men are categorized primarily by their hairiness, but also by their weight, age, and ethnicity. Divisions within the community may consist of: Grizzly Bears (White, hairy, heavier men), Cubs (younger hairy men), Polar Bears (older men with greying or white hair), Big Teddy Bears (men who are hairy, yet heavier than Grizzly Bears), Otters (men who are hairy but thin), and other classifications encompassing ethnic variations such as Black Bears (hairy men of color) or Panda Bears (hairy Asian or Pacific Islander men). Despite physical differences within the Bear community, most of the men subscribe to a shared identity: masculinity is praised and therefore celebrated within the community.

About us

Carolina Bear Lodge was formed in 1994 by a group of guys who didn't fit into the typical gay roster. The Carolina Bear Lodge had its first meeting in Charlotte, NC. Membership is open to anyone who is hirsute/bearish or who simply admires them.

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There are no physical characteristics required for any type of membership. CBL was formed to give members of the bear community a social outlet to call their own and a means to meet like minded men in an accepting environment.


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